We want to make every effort to ensure the next generation has green mountains, blue oceans, clear air, clean streets, and plenty of snow to enjoy. That’s why we’ve dedicated at least 10% of our profits to social and environmental initiatives like Cloverly to offset our carbon production and to 1% For The Planet. We’re in the process to become a Certified B Corp and are looking for the right recycling plant that will give your socks a new life after you’ve loved them to death. 

In addition to our partnerships, our producer in northern Italy is a world-leading facility in terms of energy and material efficiency. QEJA is also dedicated to keeping our packaging out of landfill. This is possible by using 100% recycled paper for our sock bands and EcoEnclose 100% recycled envelopes to lovingly ship your socks to you. These products are curb-side recyclable and don’t require any special process to break down.

Our socks are made primarily from organic cotton and recycled polyester, called REPETITA. The sole and heel construction comes from an anti-microbial and performance nylon called Q-SKIN. We are exploring non-virgin versions of this particular material, and are constantly on the lookout for earth-friendly innovations in textiles. We’re reminded of the adage, “sustainability is a journey, not a destination.” Help us on the journey. If you have suggestions for how we can do better, please let us know at