Our Story

QEJA was born with one simple yet elusive question: What if there was a sock that could perform better than any other, but be stylish, comfortable, and versatile enough to go with anything? 

We are a family of active people: skiers, runners, and cyclists, who prefer a minimal and timeless wardrobe. Some of us have the habit of wearing cycling socks daily, even in non-active contexts. We soon learned that there are many like-minded people who prefer to wear cycling socks every day. 

So we set out to create the ideal performance sock that can look sharp in all settings. We located the ideal factory in Italy that could bring our vision to life - a high-performance athletic sock that has the flair and comfort of a fine Italian dress sock.

To put them to the test, we wore our socks in LOTOJA, America's most grueling single-day cycling tour. Even the best performance socks get tired after 206 miles, 9,800 vertical feet, and over 11 hours. However, not only did our socks not bunch up or get sweaty, we never had to change them throughout the race!  

We now wear our socks for nearly everything we do, in cycling races, long plane rides, or just regular days at the office–without ever noticing they are on our feet. The stealth design, in both feeling and appearance, removes the clutter of different types of socks in our drawers. With QEJA, you only need one.