About The Socks


What makes our socks so great? We're glad you asked!

QEJA Socks have the DNA of a high-performance cycling sock with the comfort and style of a fine Italian dress sock. That's the elevator pitch, now for the juicy details. 

We tested dozens of prototypes before finding our perfect formula - socks that stay comfortable mile after mile on the bike, feel light on your feet, stay dry and odor free, and still look sharp in formal attire. These are the socks we dreamed of, something to wear anywhere and all day long!



We use fine organic cotton from Biofil in all our socks. Cotton allows for breathability, ventilation, and feels wonderfully soft against the skin.

The sole and heel are constructed from a fine polyamide material called QSkin, which is anti-microbial due to silver ions woven into the fabric. This fabric helps to wick moisture and sweat from the skin, keeping feet feeling dry and cool all day long. It is also incredibly durable and dries quickly, making it an ideal fabric for athletic socks. Trust us when we say after hundreds of miles of grueling racing, our feet did not stink!

Woven into our signature stripe is REPETITA, a fully recycled polyester derived from PET plastic bottle waste. 

About 5% Elastane provides the necessary stretch to mould perfectly to the shape of your foot and the durability to retain its stretch after many days of wear and washes. 

Exact composition for different sock styles vary, you can find exact composition on each product page. 


Our socks are made in Brescia, Italy where our suppliers adhere to high EU standards regarding manufacturing, sustainability, and workforce practices. 

Using fine-woven textiles, the socks are assembled individually on state-of-the-art machines at incredible speed. Each sock is checked carefully for quality and then hand-packaged in our branded paper packaging with paper UPC stickers and recycled paper mailers from EcoEncolse. Besides the sock itself, which is designed to last, no additional plastic is used. You can read about our packaging and continuing efforts to become more sustainable here.


Our socks are designed to fit comfortably to the unique shape of your feet. Like many high-performing athletic socks, each pair is made with a right- and left-foot-specific sock, noted on the inside cuff. This intentional design eliminates annoying bunching inside your shoe and reduces “hot spots” or friction. One of the best compliments we often receive from customers is, “I don’t even notice I’m wearing any socks.” Socks so comfortable, you can’t even feel them!

QEJA Socks have proven their durability and comfort across many activities, especially road cycling, gravel biking, running, tennis, pickleball, commuting, office wear, chasing little ones around at home, and even skiing!

Best Care Practices 

We suggest machine washing QEJA Socks in cold water. Not only is washing with cold water better for the longevity of all your clothes, it also reduces your power bill and carbon footprint. This also significantly reduces the breakdown of microfibers from synthetic clothing (like polyester and nylon) that would otherwise end up in the water supply. Hang dry or machine dry on low heat. 

For more information on eco-friendly laundry habits, check out Plastic Soup Foundation's Ocean Clean Wash guide.